12 tickets remaining for 150 Deadpools & Wolverine in New York City. July 27th.


150 Deadpools & Wolverine

NOTE: We encourage you to Zelle us directly at theryanmeetup@gmail.com or Venmo us at @RyanMeetup to bypass ticketing fees.

Tickets for Ryans


What's Included:

  • AMC Movie Ticket

  • Commemorative Deadpool Mask

  • Homage T-Shirt

  • V.I.R. Access to Red Carpet & After Party

  • 149 New Friends Named Ryan

Supported payment methods:


12 Tickets Remaining

Tickets for Hughs

Flash Sale!



What's Included:

  • AMC Movie Ticket

  • Wolverine Mask

  • Homage T-Shirt

  • An Inferiority Complex

  • Legal Name Change Paperwork

Supported payment methods:


1 Ticket Remaining

Event Details

Join us for a private showing of Deadpool & Wolverine on Saturday, July 27th, in New York City at the Empire AMC 25, where you'll meet 149 other Ryans dressed up as Deadpool - and maybe one singular, lonesome, Hugh. You must purchase a ticket for entrance into the auditorium, as there are a limited amount of seats available.

There will be a Ryan Red Carpet event prior to the showing, as well as an after party hosted by Slate in Chelsea. You can RSVP to the after party here.

Event Schedule

  • 6:30 PM: Ryan Red Carpet @ AMC Empire 25

  • 7:30 PM: 150 Deadpools & Wolverine Premiere

  • 10:30 PM: Ryan Meetup After Party @ Slate

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a +1 to the movie premiere?
Only if their name is also Ryan.
How does ticketing work?
We have already purchased all of the seats in the theater. When you pay for a ticket, we add your first and last name to the guest list. All you have to do is show up with your Ryan ID for entry.
Can I still come to the after party if I don't attend the rest of the event?
Yes, you may still attend the after party without joining us for the premiere.
Will Ryan be there?
Yes, of course.

Transportation Options

  • Transit: Board the F/M trains at 42nd St—Bryant Park and ride it southbound two stops to 23rd St

  • Ridesharing: About a 15-20 minute drive via Uber, Lyft, or cab services

  • Walking: ~30 minute walk south, 1.3 miles